Coker handle mini-review

I only spent about 15 minutes with the new handle, so you’re welcome to take my opinion with a grain of salt.

I had high hopes. I was excited about the adjustability, and the ability of using different bar ends, and not putting added forces on the seat/seatpost interface.

…but I don’t like it at all. I thought I’d try it a little lower than i run the T7, but my knees rubbed on the sides and banged the T-bar. I had to raise it up to about the same position as the T7 for it to be usable, which is all the way up, and the rubbing was still too annoying. I think the dual-bar design is simply flawed. Adjustability is great, but you really have to crank everything down to get it to stay in place. I’m seems significantly lighter than the T7 but less so once you figure in the addition of a rail adapter. (which is optional, just not for me).

For me, this needs narrower and longer. In its current form, I can’t use it.

Mine arrived today, after also spending 15 minutes with it I agree that it needs to be narrower. Length is fine however (for me) but then again I have only tried it in the highest position and in that configuration it rubs against my thighs.

I’ll be playing around more over the weekend but my impression so far is :confused:

I must concur! Like many, I heard that the touring bar was indeed narrower than the saddle, and even coker had claimed such, so I took it as fact, and readily posted that claim in another thread.

But the phrase, “Narrower than the saddle” seems a tad misleading, because the saddle has variable width, obviously being narrowest in the center. But if you’re comparing the width of the bar to the front, rear or wider area of the saddle, then yes, the bar is narrower in those areas!

The center of the saddle though, is where I/most people would feel contact with the touring bar, which is where you can plainly see either side of the bar slightly protruding out from the this, the narrowest area of the saddle.

After a fairly short 12 mile ride along the beach bike path, I’m still undecided as to whether I will be happy with it in the long run. At the very start of my ride I could feel the bar as I pedaled, but gradually, I became less and less aware of it, so maybe I’ll get used to it. We’ll see.:o

I’ll have to make you a corbin “UniBar” after RTL.


I think simplicity is best in this case. A single round, tubular telescoping main bar (Aluminum) attached to, and extending from the seatpost, (like the coker bar) to vary outward length (since we all have different sized arms lol!)

So there should be two additional adjustments available; up/down adjustment, like, or similar to what the coker bar has now, and bar end adjustment. The dual bars are just not necessary IMO. Seems like a pretty ideal and simple set up.

Hey Mike, would you mind bringing your new Coker handle to RTL? :slight_smile:

Then we might be able to get in some serious product testing! I was hoping they would send me one when they came out (to go with the V2 they sent me for testing) but I don’t know if it’s coming or not. It will definitely put the handlebars in a location similar to my Wyganowski handle, but be easier to work with. Just got to find out if my legs will have an issue with the width. I don’t think they will, as I’ve ridden many miles with a bottle cage down there, but I guess that remains to be seen…

I’m not interested in flying with even more equipment than I have to (currently two unicycles and a bunch of spare parts), but I’d be willing to send it to you to try out and/or bring to RTL.

I’ll have mine there for folks to check out. I’m long legged, not sure if that’s a factor, but the handle works well for me and doesn’t interfere with my pedaling.

I know what you mean. I’m bringing a heavy load of spares as well. If you’d be willing to ship it up here that would be awesome! I’ll reimburse you the shipping of course. I’m out of town for the weekend so no need to go crazy on shipping but 2nd day might be a good idea…

I’m not sure if I have your correct email address. If you don’t get my mailing address please send me an email? Thanks!

Thanks also bmerry, I’m sure others would be interested in trying yours out. I’m looking at the possibility of using it for the race. :slight_smile:

I installed one on my Big One and even though I haven’t ridden it yet (broken foot) I think I’m going to love it. Mainly because I can adjust it to a postion I prefer. I might try to go for a little ride later today so I will post again once I ride it and have a chance to review it…