Coker group ride this Sunday, 5/23 (LA County beaches)

There will be a fun, casual 36er group ride this Sunday, 5/23, covering the entire 45 mile length of the beach bike path, which stretches from Torrance beach to Will Rogers State beach. We’ve had this group ride a few times in the past, and it’s always been a blast!

We ride through the beach cities of Redondo, Hermosa, Marina Del Rey, Venice, Santa Monica, and almost hitting Malibu, and it is one of the most scenic and awesome beach rides anywhere! Three riders from SB (so far) will be starting from the Will Rogers side, and I’ll be starting from the Torrance beach side.

Where you start may depend on which end you live nearest to. Depending on the start times (yet to be announced) one group could start earlier, meeting up with the other group, then joining them at that point and riding back. This way both groups will have ridden the same total mileage. Please rsvp via PM.

(feel free to bring your 29ers if that the biggest wheel you have) :):smiley:

Bump. This ride is ON! This Sunday, 5/23/10. Check the first post for details, and PM me if you can make it. It’s gonna be a blast, and if you don’t have a 36er, bring your 29er with 137mm or shorter cranks! This won’t be a race, but just a fun ride! :smiley:

You guys should really think about setting up a mailing list for these rides. You’d probably get more people knowing about rides, once you got them on the group. You can do this for free with Google Groups.

That said, I wish I could join you…