Coker+Gator= Crash

Begged off of work early today with head aches… and couldn’t pass the marsh on the way home.

I armoured up, and rode a few miles of water treatment pond dikes- hard-packed grassy burms. Lots of birds. Lots of things in the water. Some big things. I was humming along fast enough to sneak up on a Gator; it jumped in the muck with a splash, taking me by as much suprise as I it. I went ‘over the handle bars’, grazing my knees before landing on my sholder/Camelback and sliding to a stop with my feet in the air.

I picket myself up and burned out of there. I passed a fisherman who didn’t see me coming, and almost scared him into the water (what, he thinks 'Gators can unicycle?).

I’ve got a nice bit of skin missing on the sholder, but it would have been much worse if the Camelback wasn’t there. Some water burst out, but it seems that there is a purge valve built into the seal around the lid… it still seems to hold water fine.



Re: Coker+Gator= Crash

Wow, Christopher…that’s the best Coker crash story I’ve heard yet. So far, all my crashes have been of my own making except one to avoid a wee dog I should have just rolled over. This weekend I (re-) learned what I now call Coker Rule #1: Don’t look down at your pedals when you’re riding really fast. Crashed it forward and thought I’d be able to run out of it, but the pedal came around and cranked into my ankle and achilles area real hard. By nightfall I had a nice purple grapefruit thing happening which is still hobbling me three days later.
Not sure about you, but so far I’ve wracked myself up worse on the Coker than on any muni ride. Further evidence for Jagur no doubt on the inherent evilness of the machine…

im telling you,that machine is evil.did you see what it did to poor unidak?

Re: Coker+Gator= Crash

> rhysling wrote:
> Further evidence for Jagur no doubt on the inherent evilness of the
> TB

Probably why I get along with Grendel so well.

“Quemadmodum gladius neminem occidit, occidentis telum est.”
– Seneca

I know…and how about the way that it took control of his body and forced him to ride it down those stairs! The only difference between that and The Exorcist was the height of the staircase…

maybe all Cokers are like channels to Pazuzu?Beware!

The Demon of the Winds, Pazuzu:


Re: Coker+Gator= Crash

That happens to me when I laugh and sneeze at the same time.

and also the demon in the Exorcist.your picture lacks the phallus he had in the movie though.

Wow! If that had happened to me, I would have wept more than crocodile tears.

You damn’ colonials have most excellent adventures! The best I’ve managed by way of faunal obliteration was running over a rat when I was on my tandem, or a rabbit when I was on my motorcycle. Neither was pleasant.

The first rule of Cokering isn’t ‘Don’t look down’. In my experience, it is, ‘Don’t absent mindedly lift your foot up so you can scratch an itch on your ankle,’ It’s that cruise control which can make one so complacent.