Coker Fun!

Well today i bit the bullet and rode my coker, I tell ya, that thing is so Fucking fun to ride(excuse my language), i highly advise anyone who is kinda getting bored with unicycling to get a coker, it opens a whole new door to unicycling.

when i got on i was worryed about falling, but after about 2 trys i was riding, once i got onto the street i realized “holy wow, i am frekin flying!”, its a very weird yet fun sensation to be pedaling very slowly yet bo going at least 10 mph.

anyway, just had to say that.



Note: My doc said to not ride the uni for 4 more months.


Hmmmm…did I recently hear someone complain to me about pointless threads?? chuckle

yes thred"S"

i belive in the past 5 days you have made about 20?


I thought you guys were friends?

never mind… i decided that i would get to much shit for the post im editing away so sorry for those who read it.


Re: Coker Fun!

I started flying Coker two weeks ago. It’s been so fun. But the excessive pedalling has given me a sore achilles. I didn’t realise that riding, idling and freemounting a Coker is a fair deal heavier compared to lighter wheels. Anyway, I totally agree – everybody should try a 36" for at least 15 minutes.