Coker Frames

I ordered an airfoil rim for my coker from now I have a questions. If the wheel is he most important thing what about the frame. For stictly road use is my stock coker frame good enough or do I shell out $350 for a Hunter? I would eventually like add a break. Thanks for the expert opinions.

The Coker frame will get you by, but you should know that the Hunter frame at $350 US is a bargain!!

I saw Aaron Svec of S.Dakota ride hundreds of miles on a STOCK Coker. See:
Aaron is the guy in the cowboy hat.

I just assembled my first H36 with Dave Stockton’s wheel (larger hub). I took it out with Rob Bowman and Bronson Silva last Sunday. We rode up in Nisene Marks Forest near Santa Cruz, CA. We covered the mt. out and back was 28 miles. The H36 is a cross between my Wilder MUni 24 and my unibago. It handled the fireroads really well. The Hunter frame is much stiffer than I’m used to and so is the new wheel.

When I can get the pictures ready, I’ll post some. I’ll also have an adj. ext. bar made for me by Rick Hunter.

More to follow.

Well, My dad builds frames up to order. Includes brake bosses, choice of paint colors, for 160 plus shipping. I dont have a picture ready, otherwise I’d attach one.

I can’t speak for the Hunter 36, but I have a Hunter 24 frame for my muni and I love it.

The answer to your question on the stock Coker frame I think actually depends on the hub, not the rim. There are fewer frames which fit the extra-wide. The Hunter is one. I almost went that direction, but decided on the GB4 instead from George Barnes, with the wide hub and U-Turn’s strongest coker wheel. I’m still working on my first hundred miles on it, but no regrets…it’s a great machine. Either of these two frames will do you really well.

If you want to add a brake eventually, the stock frame won’t be great for that. There has been a thread within the last few days on that, so just backtrack and read through it.

Here is a visual on my GB4 36: