Coker Frames for Sale?

I am looking for a coker frame that can fit on the wide hub. Anybody have any new or used ones for sale?

Also, what can I benefit from having an airfoil rim? How much better are they than the regular 36" rim?


Re: Coker Frames for Sale?

I weigh 285 lbs. and once mounted a brand-new Coker with the stock steel rim. It promptly folded before I even had all my weight on the seat. My Coker has the airfoil rim and I’ve never even had a hint of problems.

I also have respoked wheels with both types of rims. When I set the bare rims aside, the stock steel rim bent like a rubber band while not under tension while the Airfoil rim laid flat and true on the floor.


The stock Coker rim is steel, is made cheaply, and has relatively uneven sides, not intended for use with brakes.

If you plan to have brakes, the airfoil is almost a given. Otherwise, it’s just stronger and better-looking. It’s made by a rim company out of quality rim material.

I wish I could find an air foil rim. I called just now and they said that the machine that makes them is broken so they dont know when they’ll get any. If any one knows where I can get one in time for TWNR reliese (feb 19th) please let me know.

The regular frame with fit but you have to pull it out some so the legs can get to the bearing well. There was a thread about two weeks ago asking about a coker frame but no one had any. So it doesnt look good for getting a frame or a airfoil. I guess not many people will be upgrading their cokers anytime too soon.

Re: Coker Frames for Sale?

GB4 makes a really nice Coker frame that will fit the super wide hub. The frames a custom built to your specifications. Height, color, brakes or not.

Here’s the link.’s Airfoil wheelset (When available) is being built with the super wide hub.