Coker for sale!

Selling my first Coker uni, this one is basically all stock, in excellent condition, with the following modifications:

Schwinn hub, 80mm flange width (widest hub that fits in the stock frame)

Dotek 125mm alloy crank arms (original 150mm steel cranks included if you wish)

BMX pedals (like the “Bulletproof” brand, only lighter) (original plastic pedals included if you wish)

Miyata air seat, GB thick plate, 16" tube, foam and neoprene, with stock Miyata cover (original Miyata plate included if you wish)

Pair of 7/8" alloy slightly curved handlebar tubes bolted to the seat bolts and extending straight out the front about 8" (original seat bolts included if you wish)

$250. I prefer a buyer in Washington state so I wouldn’t have to pack & ship & insure, etc.

Pete Perron
Redmond, WA (Seattle area)


We’ll be discussing this at our MUni ride tomorrow.

We need pictures of your new Super Coker. :slight_smile:

i am interested but not sure if i can send that much right now. i’ll think about it oh i live in PA that kinda far any way.

I’ll be in Langley, BC for a couple days in a couple weeks… but I’m not sure if I can come up with the cash so it probably won’t happen. Bummer.

What can I say? It sold locally in a half day!!