Coker cycle co. facilities?

So, basically, my family and I are going to Chattanooga Tennessee, in the good old U.S. of A. for a wedding. My friend, who works in a a bike shop, got something in the mail from the people down at the coker cycle co. and gave it to me. I found out the address of the place and where we are going to be, and, oddly enough, its less than half a mile away. Has anyone near Tennessee ever been to this place and is it check-out able?

I.E. is it just where they manufacture these unicycles or is there some sort of bike shop located on the premises?

Thanks very much for any legitimate replies.

The Coker Tire Company primarily makes tires for antique autos. The monster cruiser bikes and unicycles are just a side line. Call them up. I’m sure they would be happy to give you a tour. Take some photos for us.

Now that is a great idea! When you contact them be sure to tell them you are a regular here and you’d like to take some photos etc. They would love the exposure, and everyone here would love the photos!


Thanks much for ideas, my mom suggested getting in touch via email or phone, so it seems that I just may do that.

Coker should make the ultimate 24x3 muni tire that doesn’t go out of production.

It’s my understanding that the ONLY bike thing they actually make is the new unicycle with the squid frame. I think the monster cruiser and wheelman were both imported, and assume the original unicycle is currently imported. So expect to see tires, not bikes.