Coker Cranks

Have been fiddling with a little (very little) Coker Muniing but I bent the cheap-ass cranks. I have an Airfoil rim but the standard cheapo cotterless hub. Where might I find some stronger 175mm cranks that would fit this set up?


odessy black widows rae pretty beefy for square tapers. probably the best left now that kookas aren’t made anymore.

You still can find the odd set of Kookas on e-bay as well.

Ideal crank size!

When I first started “cokering” I used the standard 152mm cranks, but quickly went to 127s. Those seemed like a great all-around size. Then I tried 102’s and although I found them to be much easier to get used to than expected, climbing was a tougher proposition

Well, I finally ordered a pair of Quax 114mm cranks w/zero Q-factor and so far they seem to be the ideal length for long distance, with less leg fatigue and crotch pain over the long haul.

I can even climb almost as easily as with my 127’s. I know everyone’s different, and a lot depends on your height, inseam, weight, form, etc. I’ll keep the 152’s for “Coker MUni”, but the 114’s will be my everyday distance crank.:smiley:

I recently got a coker, though I have only ridden it once, the 110mm cranks on it seem like a death trap. I can’t come to a stop in less than 30-40ft. I do have some 150mm cranks I can put on it, are these too long for long coker rides? Is speed inhibited with longer cranks? Does the larger circle of the pedal make it more tiring? Can someone list good crank lengths for certain types of distance riding?

Are you sure you want stronger cranks on that Coker? Now the cheap cranks need replacing which costs next to nothing and are easy to replace. If you put some strong uberlong cranks on there to do MUni, you might destroy the cheapo hub. A lot more trouble then! You might say it was “little (very little)” Muniing, but then again it was enough to bend cranks.

the 150’s are nice to start with, and gradually get shorter cranks as you get more comfortable…127’s are a nice all around road crank, 114’s offer a more comfortable distance ride to the experienced cokeur

Before I got my tri-tapped Kookas, the Black Widows are what I used for my 175s. This is an old thread…JL you should PM me if still in the market, as I’m not using those anymore.


I was with John L when he bent his BW 175 cranks on a smallish drop…“Bent like taffy” as he said, even though they’re aluminum, which usually brreaks before it bends that much.[/LEFT]

I went to a machinist today and he’s going to make me some custom 35mm aluminum cranks. It should be fun trying them, but I think they might be a bit more difficult to climb. Once installed, i plan to find the steepest hill around and bomb it as fast as I can! I should be able to hit at least 15-17 mph. :wink:

You wont be able to climb a 1 degree incline with those. 15-17 mph? Most people can do that on 125s. I have seen your bc wheel skills, this wont go over well.

I take it you didn’t see the :wink: at the end? I think my coker skills are pretty good having also done “trials” jumps and gaps, various mounts including “kickup” and also Coker Muni. I’m quite comfortable with 102’s, 114’s and 127’s. With the 114’s I can hit 17-18 mph without too much trouble and climb quite easily.

It comes with experience and of course leg strengh and conditioning. I read your earlier post about the problems you had with 110’s on your new coker; You should probably learn wit 152’s and once you are comfortable then you can go shorter. As far as BC goes, I lost interest in that not long after I bought your plates; not because I didn’t like the plates, I just never put any serious time into riding it.

Hmm, well out of all your ideas, I rank custom made 35mm cranks on a coker, rather high on the Stupid-Meter. Being able to hop from cinder block to cinder block on a coker will give you no less of a chance at dying when you hop on that deathtrap 35mm cranked coker.

You’re right, I think maybe I’ll go for 25mm cranks instead! :stuck_out_tongue:
Whoa!..thanks evan, that would make a great title for my next film coming to a theatre near you: [I]“Deathtrap: '35mm cranked coker”

Brian MacKenzie used 40mm cranks on a coker once, he had little or no control over the speed, and the ballance was very much like on a bc wheel.


Maybe I’ll try jumping over a tennis net…nah, that would really be stupid! :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue: :sunglasses: :wink:

Not as stupid as a airhorn on a unicycle!!!

You’re 50 for gods sake

Everybody loves that…except maybe those that are in my direct path! :astonished:

I ride my rockin’ Rad Radial Deluxe at least 10 miles per day, so it comes in quite handy. Sure beats constantly yelling “On your left!”, or “Comin’ through!”

On a side note, Did your tire ever pop off your airfoil rim? Im trying to find out if mine is one of those that blows up. I heard look for a X etched into the rim around the seam, how big is this X, do all the bad ones have it?