Coker Crankflip?

Anybody done it? Anybody have a video. I think it would be AWESOME… if not impossible.

That’d be impossible to do on flat…and near impossible off of any ledge. I think a unispin would be more practical.

Unispin has been done and isnt very hard because unlike the Crankflip the Coker dosnt have to leave the ground to Unispin. Crankflip would be damn near impossible considering a Coker has a better chance or riding up a ledge then hoping up it.

I would totally love to see it, but somehow I think the rotational inertia will prevent it from happening any time soon. You would need to be so cray awesome at hopping to have enough air time considering the speed you would be flipping.

Anyone done one on a 26er, 28er or 29er? That would be a start (and a 29er would look pretty damn ipressive if flipped.

Yes, I was thinking it would be impossible.

Anybody done it on anything more than a 24"?