Coker crank/hub problem

I just finished up a month-long unicycle tour of New England. 29 days through the White Mountains, Boston, Rhode Island and Connecticut, the Green Mountains, the White Mountains again, and ending in Maine. 720 miles.

The morning of my last day, my left crank arm felt a little loose. I tightened it up, kept riding. Five miles later, it was loose again. I tightened it up, kept riding. Every ten minutes it was loose again. I thought it might have something to do with the pouring rain, like it was making the hub slick, or something.

About half way into the day, I took the bolt all the way out, took the crank off, pounded it back on, tightened it back up, and kept riding.

Once I’d made it back to Maine, I couldn’t tighten the bolt any more. It had reached the bottom of the hole. Not only that, but if the crank were any deeper on the hub, it would be touching the frame.

After a thousand miles of riding in the past six months, all of the sudden the crank doesn’t even fit the hub anymore? Has this happened to anyone else before? I have it on right now with a tin foil shim, but, as you can imagine, it’s not working too well. I have not yet tried a different set of cranks to see how those work out, but it just doesn’t make any sense to me. Can anyone help me out?


with my nimbus 24" freestyle i change crank sizes over quite regularly, every time i do it the cranks get closer and closer to the frame, at the moment my 170’s are about 2mm away from the frame and getting ever closer, i dont know what i’ll do when they eventually hit the frame.

Grats on the great ride! That is quite an accomplishment.

Trash the cranks and get new ones.

w/ cotterles hubs every time you remove them take a bit off them so you shouldnt change crank sizes so regulary mabey or you could save up for a splined hub

splined hub on a freestyle? hmmm :astonished:

it would be nearly as cheap to just buy another wheelset/freestyle uni however

meh my $0.2