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Yes, it’s possible they may have improved since the 70s. Even if they haven’t, 30 year old shorts sounds kind of gross. Mine wear out a lot sooner than that!

A new pair should make a difference, though you did have the right idea by wearing padded shorts.

How old is your underwear? Don’t answer that. :astonished:

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johnfoss wrote:
> How old is your underwear? Don’t answer that. :astonished:

I threw away an 11-year-old pair of boxer shorts a couple of weeks ago.
That was a sad day :frowning:

I’m still wearing my first ever pair of cycling shorts, bought in 1994,
though I removed the padding a couple of years ago and I now only wear
them on the bent. I was only persuaded to try Lycra when I started
unicycling, but I was very soon converted to its use for all cycling.

(I’m also still wearing 15-year-old shirts, T-shirts and trousers, much
to my wife’s displeasure, but why throw away perfectly good clothes?)

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