Coker-Cam Mount

Just threw together this video last minute today for my Experimental Film Process class. The idea was to emphasize one sense in a 2 minute ‘abstract’ film. Of course, I wanted to incorporate unicycling so i dug up my old ‘habbypole’ which is a 3 foot monopod except the base swivels and sits level. “Habbycam” used to be here: but I think they went out of business. I taped it to my T7 and went for a ride. Check it out:

Sorry about the pic, I had to use a screenshot from my video camera.

I actually liked that. The siren in the background, I thought, was a good touch, if its imposed or not.

nice! It is more to a video art

but i liked it

Thanks, yeah it was imposed. In fact the only source audio is in my apartment lobby. I was trying to illustrate being in the zone while in the saddle (relaxing auditory mix) and out of the zone while off the uni (cacophony of street noise). If I had been editing this for you guys I would have made it more hip but my prof is unbelievably artsy-fartsy-smartsy.