"Coker cam #1: Hand-held Perspective"

I shot the footage just a few days before Uni Geezer: “Coker-Cam Jam, thank you mamm!”

It isn’t full view because I was holding the videocam in my hand while I rode, (tricky as it was!) vs it being mounted on my friends bike.

Completely different perspective, with some interesting parts, but I much prefer the Bike cam Pov. The various music you hear was playing on my Ipod console while I rode.:slight_smile:

Haha you almost hit that women!

Have you thought about mounting the camera to your T7? Of course you run the risk of breaking it, but maybe not if you had some sort of safety release contraption…thing…going on.

I enjoy seeing your footage uncut like this.

Thanks…well I thought about the T7 camera mount idea, but then ppl would never see the 36er, which kinda defeats the point IMO, since it could then just be me walking, or riding a bike and nobody could tell it was a uni.

Thats why I was periodically holding the cam low to show as much of the uni as possible. I really prefer the full shot from the bike cam, but since I had this footage, I thought I might as well post it.

My next plan is to get footage of me racing various ppl on the path including roller blades, bikes and skateboards; I was surprised just how dang fast some ppl can go on skateboards, at least for short distances! When wearing my gps about two weeks ago, I clocked a guy on a skateboard pacing me at nearly 15 mph…for almost a 1/4 mile before he fell behind!

Some rollerbladers can hit really high speeds too.

I think a video with the camera mounted to the t7 would be really cool. That’s real 1st person perspective. Maybe I’ll try that.

At the end of this video I made, I video taped myself riding back to my dorm from the location I was riding at and then sped it up. It looks really choppy because I was holding the camera on my trials. But, it may be really cool if I went on a long scenic Coker ride and did the same thing…if I could maintain a steady enough picture.

That’s awesome Jason! I like the fast motion at times and you found a real trials GOLDMINE haha! And the “what a dork” caption was funny it reminded me of one of my older vids where I had a similar caption.