COKER.....brakes (yes or no) and or air saddle...????

Am on short final for getting a Coker for fun in Iraq. I am looking into upgrading to V brakes and an air saddle. Are they worth the additional $200 or so $$s?


You wont need brakes unless you are going to be descending down a lot of steep hills. Air saddles arent necessary, but you should go with a kris holm seat at least. There was a post recently on the board discussing whether or not to get an air saddle for long distance rides. If you plan on going on really long rides, the gb4 handlebars are a great addition, look into those too.

air seats are really comfortable for short rides, like five miles or less…but for super long rides, I’ve heard the the KH Gel saddles are very much better. I also highly recommend a GB4 Handle. I don’t think the brakes are entirely necessary…they might be helpful at times, but you don’t reeaally need 'em.

At least get the GEL seat

The brakes that come with the stock coker are crap. Don’t waste your $$$ The airseat is well worth it if you do any serious distance.

The GEL seat is LESS comforatable than the stock KH seat. Its just thinner.

I second the recommendation on the GB4 handle for distance. (but you’ll need a miyata seatbase and a stiffener plate (or a carbon seatbase) to go with it.

I’ll throw my bit in and say stay well away from airseats unless you’ve tried them and ridden them lot’s and like them. Otherwise death to all airseats for distance riding (IMHO) :stuck_out_tongue: .

I think the best stock seat you can get is the UDC gel seat. The Standard KH seat is fat and heavy and just get’s in your way.

After that, you’re looking at Carbon seat bases and various handle set ups like GB. I like my GB handle, but it’s not angled enough to give you good leverage. Maybe a Reeder or Wallis Deathgrip might be better if you do alot of steep riding. The other thing is that you want to get a seat that is as flat as possible, and it may be a case of doing some resculpturing of the foam- in which case a KH fusion is quite good because of the removable cover.

Brakes- I don’t think it’s necessary on a road coker, but most distance riders seen to swear by it. I think it’s useful if you intend on Coker MUNI.

I put brakes on my Coker when it had 150mm cranks. Then put 170mm cranks on and never needed the brakes again.

I switched my Kris Holm air seat out for a KH gel seat and never looked back. I have the brake and never use it.

A comfortable seat is far more important than brakes on a Coker, unless you’re riding in serious hills/mountains. Exactly what kind of seat is going to be most comfortable for you is a very personal choice, and it varies from rider to rider. But I’ll add that air-anything is probably going to be better than a Viscount… :slight_smile:

My Coker (Deluxe) came with a brake, but I almost never use it unless I take it to other places for rides, like downtown San Francisco. It’s very handy there! But on my commute to work it’s not needed.

If your part of Iraq is flat, no brake required.