Coker Blaster!

Just a look at the latest addition to my Rad 36er.

It’s sure to get ppl’s attention either while riding on the street or bike path to let them know I’m there!:stuck_out_tongue:

A “Blast from the Present”:


Thats pretty nice, I would get one but I like weaving in and out of people down crowded paths on my KH29 :slight_smile:

Haha me too! But that’s why I got it, to let them know I’m coming through! I can’t tell you how many ppl cross the cycling path (walking) without so much as a casual glance in either direction!

And many ppl walk directly and aimlessly on the “cycles only” part of the path, totally oblivious to cycling traffic, both fore & aft, inviting a “metal to flesh” collision! :astonished: This is where my airhorn will come in handy the most! :sunglasses: Sure beats getting a hoarse throat constantly yelling “On your left!”, or “Coming through!”:smiley:

Haha thats awesome. A bell may have been more fitting but that’s cool too :slight_smile:

More “fitting”? Haha I beg to differ on that one! :roll_eyes: Since what I’m riding is so "UNIque, and in a sea of “bells”, I wanted the horn to stand out as well. :sunglasses:

hahaha how awesome! my day is made now!

niiiiicceeee!!! thats soooo cool!

You have got to hook me up with one of those once i get my hands on a coker

Haha, don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely cool…

But if someone on a giant unicycle scared the sh*t out of me with an airhorn…Hahaha…I guess I’d probably just laugh.

I cant imagine what it would be like to have a 36" wheel coming towards you with a guy blowing a airhorn at you. But I sure would like to see it haha thats awesome.

Haha that does sound like a funny sight, but I’ll only use it when absolutley necesary, and quick short blasts seemt to do the trick.:slight_smile:

Sweet. What’s an “LBS” store? (forgive me - being in Canada and everything, eh?)

Local Bike Shop. When I first saw “lbs” (they had it in all lower case) I thought that it was referring to “pounds”. :roll_eyes:

I put a postman horn on mine:D But it’s not as loud as yours:p

Haha cool, yeah mine is waay louder than it sounds in the video! I have to turn the volume down to like half so it won’t hurt my ears if I need to use it!:smiley:

Brings new meaning to the term “blowing your own horn” I like it though.

It’s just plain the most beautiful Coker ever.

Thanks man! Here’s a current pic w/the air horn. Me really likey! :sunglasses:

PS: I just put together a duplicate saddle with another rail type seatpost so I can quickly and easily switch for Coker MUni, since for that I don’t use the T7 and horn. I also have a second, shorter brake cable for the “saddle swtich”.

You should use that to drown all the usless comments on rides. :wink: