Coker BigOne (Aluminum)

Hello everyone!

Since I’m going to Naucc by car, I thought I’d put some of my spare unis on sale! The 36er is a pain in the a** to ship and costs a lot. So, if there’s any interest in the unicycle, I’ll bring it to Naucc, you will save on shipping cost, you’ll be able to see it and try it before buying and it will save me the trouble of shipping it! :smiley:

So, here it is. I bought this Coker BigOne in 2009 I think, it has about 1200kms on it. One spoke broke last year, nothing else happenned with it, it’s down to 47 spokes now. I made an handle bar for it, I used to ride with the T-7 handle but I wanted longer. This handle bar is much stiffer and about 6" longer than the T-7. If it’s too long you can cut it and make it shorter! It comes as it is on the picture, including the Speedometer and the handle bar, it also comes with the original Coker cranks (127mm), the one pictured are Qu-ax 114mm. I has an air saddle.

I’m asking $350CAD for it. We’ll figure out the exchange when there’s interest!

Does that have the splined hud or is it square taper?

Square taper

That’s the square taper model. All unicycles from Coker are square taper. I’ve never had any problems with the crank interface though.

In Person

I’m coming to Ottawa at the beginning of August. will you lower the price if I could pick it up in person??:):):wink:

I might lower the price if I still have it after Naucc and I really really want to get rid of it. The price you get it is already really low since you dont have to pay shipping!