Coker Big One

I am parting with my beloved Coker. In excellent condition, check out the extras:
Nightrider tire
KH Fusion Freeride seat
Magura hydraulic rim brake, rim has machined braking surface
Thomson seat post and KH rail adaptor and standard aluminum post
Salsa quick release
114mm and 150mm cranks(I think i have 125s too haven’t found them)
Cost almost $900 to get it this way. Sell for $400.

I have the original box so shipping is easy. Fedex Ground or Greyhound is the cheapest. Will charge on shipping cost.

No extra charge for cool flame stickers!!

Damn, been looking for a 36er. I’d pick this up in a heartbeat if you’d wait a month, haha!

I’ll just keep an eye out incase no one picks up this ridiculously good deal.

I’m interested! I’m in the LA area, so I could drive down there this weekend.
Please PM me with location/contact details.

(I emailed my wife if I could spend the money, and she said OK!)

Lance, I PM’d you.

Coker is sold to a good home.