Coker Big One

I have a Coker Big One that I bought a few years ago but never really got into riding. It has minor cosmetic blemishes on the pedals and seat, but is in excellent condition. It has 125 mm cranks, a blue/black seat, and a road tire which is like new. I also have kris holm shin/knee guards and gloves which I could throw in as well. I have finals this week but Ill post pictures by next weekend.

Im would like $450 +shipping for the 36" Big One and Kris Holm shin/knee guards and gloves . PM if your interested or have an offer.

I’ll stand by for pictures. I’ve never bought a 36". Any idea how much shipping would be to 84037?

If the seller is in Antarctica, the shipping is over $1000.00.

Where are you?

Sorry for not putting this up before, I live in central Illinois, area code 61821. To ship it to Utah it would be $150 via UPS. I found that using Greyhound shipping it would only be $50 but you would have to pick it up at:

300 S 600 W
Salt Lake City UT 84101

Pictures should be up Friday afternoon at the latest.

Too rainy for taking pictures. Will post some tomorrow.