Coker Big One

2010 Coker Big one. Very light Use. Pi Bar, Brakes. Have original pedals if wanted.

550 OBO.

I will put up a full pick tomorrow

I have a Coker Big one that I bought a few years ago but never really got into riding. It has minor cosmetic blemishes on the pedals and seat, but is in excellent condition. It has 125 mm cranks, a blue/black seat, and a road tire which is like new. I also have kris holm shin/knee guards and gloves which I could throw in as well. I have finals this week but Ill post pictures by next weekend.

Im would like $450 +shipping for the 36" Big One and Kris Holm shin/knee guards. PM if your interested or have an offer.

ouch…way to booby-trap a sale.

You think? :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess it was just too challenging to figure out how to post a new thread. Some people.

Sorry guys, in the past I have started new threads and then been complained at for not just continuing a current thread. I thought it would be fine to have all Coker’s for sale under the same thread. I guess not.