Coker Big One vs. V2 question

Hello all… I am getting ready to order a new uni. Looks like I am going to get a Coker. Any major benefits to the V2? I have not ridden in about 25 years and am confused by all the new unis… is the price difference between the two worth it? Thanks in advance.

I think for normal riding they will be about the same, the V2 is heavy compared with the Big One. I’m getting a nightrider pro thursday. : )

Any reason you want to go with a coker?

anyway, from what I’ve heard, people like the V2 because you can lock it up a little easier and it’s probably more durable if you’re doing mountain riding, but . . . this is all speculation, and what I’ve heard.

Anyway, I got the great opportunity to go by the UDC store and talk about the advantages/disadvantages of each, and then made a decision.

in short: I don’t see a huge difference in them except that the V2 is heavier.

There is a thread where the various 36’ers are compared: What 36er should I buy?

I’d look at the post by Sask where he summarizes the different Coker’s. Also look at the one by John Foss as he has direct experience with the two machine’s you’re looking at.

I have an old steel Coker Big one, and a Nimbus Nightrider. The Coker frame is stiffer, and the Nightrider is cooler. My wheel is the new Coker wheel which is rock solid, and very light.

If I had a choice between the two I wouldn’t hesitate to get the big one.

I really wanted to like the V2, but the frame is “bulky” and I kept hitting my knees on the forks.

thanks guys… i won’t be locking it up anywhere… for the price the big one seems like the best deal at this point.

the coker just seems to be the best all around uni in this price range

The V1 is a very nice machine.

Buuuut, for a few shekels more, you could go for the KH36 which is absolutely amazing.

Get the V2 for looks, or for using a bike lock. But yes, some people find it a little too wide (I didn’t). Frame weight is not really an issue compared to the weight of the wheelset, which you can’t change. Though the Big One frame is a lot lighter, the V2 frame is lighter than it looks. I have all three; original Coker (modified), V2 and Big One (both frames with one wheel). The wheel is the heavy part, so the frame choice mostly comes down to looks. I have the Big One frame on there with the 150 cranks, and use it for Coker MUni.