Coker Big One vs. Nimbus Titan

I too have been going back and forth on the 36er dilemma. Thanks to you guys, the Qu-ax is my next unicycle. Tax refund should hit the bank in the next two weeks, and my order will be placed minutes later.

I’ never seen a Qu-Ax that wasn’t 48H
I you’re talking about this, ID say no. 20 lbs :astonished:
The AL model looks good though. Disk brake, ISIS hub, 17 lbs. but the hub width? If narrow (100mm for 36", could be a reason to pref 48 over 36H).

Then we’re looking at a $365.00 difference in price to save three pounds of weight, and no longer comparing Big One/Titan/Luxus. It becomes a KH/Oracle/AL discussion. I’ll admit a disc brake is tempting for that price, but if I can get an ISIS hub and dual-hole cranks for around $550, I’m sold.

Picked up a Nimbus Nightrider off of the Trading Post, so I’m out of this discussion. I would have loved to try the Qu-ax, sounds like a great deal.

Yeah, I ended up going the the Titan, and have been extremely happy with it so far.

That uni is outof stock, may have been a closeout, the other two QuAx 36ers are quite a bit more.

The cost of some components is more significant than others, so for instance a Nimbus D2 rim is going to cost ~25% of a low end uni, but it’s a great rim that is worth building upon for touring and muni.

Frames are frames, they just hold things together, no magic here, steel or aluminum, they all work fine.

Hubs, ISIS is king, but other systems work okay if you maintain them and play nice. A disc hub can be incorporated into any 36er, which is a good upgrade choice if you are moving up from a square taper anyhow.

Tire, Nightrider is the best for durability and overall performance, but the Todd muni tire is lighter and rides nicer for mixed use.

As folks are upgrading, I have seen a lot of rim brake base Nimbus 36ers coming up for sale, so you could pick up a nice used uni for less.