Coker big one or UDC Titan

If you order with an mx sidepull, be sure to consider ordering the brake from a site other than UDC, I’ve seen those for only about $30 instead of $60.

The kit from UDC comes with the mount ($18 separately) and KH Starfighter ($25 separately). You might still find a cheaper brake but it should be less than $17 to be worth your while (or you already have the other hardware).

Oh, in that case don’t bother…

Oh, and it doesn’t hurt to support UDC ;).

So, I went through this decision a few months ago and ended up with the Titan. I bought it stock. I really like it. I’ve done around 200 miles on it over the last couple of months. I think I made the right decision for me. Here is some food for thought. I have already swapped out the pedals for larger ones as I have big feet. My next upgrade will likely be a better seat. The stock seat is … well … let’s just say I can feel the difference between the stock Titan seat and the Nimbus Gel seat I have on my 29er. A better seat would be nice. If I had it to do over again I’d make the same decision and buy the Titan.

What’s better the shadow handle set or the kris holm t bar. does the t bar even fit on the new gel saddles

Tbar WILL fit on newer nimbus saddles

Yes, the new gel saddles have the KH base so they fit the t-bar the same as KH saddles do.

I love my shadow handle. Put a handlebar bag on the back to carry all my tools…

Do you find it makes your UNi wobble with the seat off the back


Ordered one!

Hi everyone thanks a bunch for the responses i ordered a udc titan with a nimbus gel saddle 127mm united cranks the mx u-brake and a kh touring bar so pumped :smiley:

Congratulations! Sounds like a recipe for guaranteed fun.


Got It!

Thanks everyone got and love it so much fun really happy with my decision thanks everyone:D

Got a mobile speaker system for my Titan today. (Goal zero ‘rock out’ speaker) Can’t wait to try it out tomorrow. At least the Alice in Chains that I’ll be listening too will make me sound cooler than I actually am. :sunglasses: :thinking: