Coker big one or UDC Titan

Ok I know there are a ton of these threads but I’m going to ask anyway for some more up to date information. I’m going to get a 36" unicycle for my birthday. I am leaning towards the coker big one because it seems like a good unicycle and one that lots of people have also because of the upgradable options such as the pi bar. but I hear a lot of problems and bad reviews. I don’t really like the titan as much but I hear better thing about it.
So what do you guys recommend like I said I am leaning towards the coker. I am going to be riding on strictly distance road rides. I don’t think I will be doing muni with it because I have a muni. Possibly a couple smooth dirt roads.

I just made the same decision a month ago. Ordered a Big One. Found out the painted finish could take 8-12 weeks. Canceled the order. Bought a Titan and love, love, love it. Solid and smooth.

Others can correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the Titan is more “upgradable.” I’m pretty sure I’ve seen people on this forum with a Coker Pi Bar on their Titan too.

But I doubt you’ll regret the decision either way.

thanks for the reply. Just checking though is the udc titan the same as the nimbus titan? just seems odd they changed the name

I’m trying to make this decision as well, more opinions would be welcomed :slight_smile:

Right now I’m leaning on the coker as well, cause it seems to be overall cheaper, if I get it from coker directly.

will probably add on a pi bar for the extra 50$, then see instead if any bicycle shop locally has a brake I can buy and mount onto it, to save some cash.

Nimbus is the (UDC) brand name. UDC Titan and Nimbus Titan are the same product.

Can the pi bar be purchased separately from coker? I don’t see it available on their accessories page. Their 50USD bar makes the coker package a bit more affordable compared to other touring handle options. And of course the other option is the qu-ax luxer which currently isnt’ in stock from canada. Hopefully they’ll have it back in with 12USD shipping again. The isis hub makes that one attractive.

It’s on page 2 of their accessory list…

Edit: …and I just ordered one.

I purchased a UDC Titan a couple of months back. I had the frame powder coated, fitted venture cranks, aluminium post, KH saddle, after market pedals (forgot brand), fitted KH T-bar, fitted sunlite mx brake.

I’ve got nothing to say but good things about this uni, however this is my first 36er.


There was a page 2? the coker website isn’t exactly traditional.

I’d go with the UDC/Nimbus Titan. There is no reason why you should get the Coker over the Nimbus - the Nimbus has a better rim and tyre and can be bought with venture cranks (well worth the money). Just gget the Nimbus and have done with it! :smiley:

Right now the titan doesn’t come with the option to change out the cranks for ventures.

Hmm, that’s weird a week or two ago it did…

Thanks for all the replies. I’m starting to like the titan now. But I have more questions about the titan
1.) Can you mount brakes on it?
2.) Can you mount a coker pi bar?
3.) Will the nightrider last along time or wear out?
4.) There are a lot of problems between the description and the pictures
*The rim in pic is stealth 2 description says it’s the dominator
*the pedals are different

I love the orange and black color scheme. It looks great.

You can probably call them and customize the order. They’ll work with you.

  1. The site has an option to add a U-brake. The frame doesn’t have Magura brake mounts, so you can’t do those. You could do a disc brake, but you’d need a new hub, a d’brake, ISIS cranks, and the brake itself. Might as well buy a Nightrider.
  2. Yup. it’s compatible with 25.4mm seat posts. You just need to be tall enough to have about an inch and a quarter of post sticking out of the frame to mount the pi bar on.
  3. It will last a long time.
  4. It a stealth 2. Dominator is for smaller wheels. Don’t know about the pedals.

Thanks that really helps

Not sure why the Ventures aren’t listed as an option for the Titan, but the 150mm cotterless Ventures are on sale right now for just $25. I’m planning to upgrade to the 125mm Venture2 cranks as soon as they’re back in stock (which is supposed to be this month).

These are the pedals that came with my recently-bought Titan:

They feel good but don’t look great. I replaced them initially, but have since gone back to them because they felt better than the pedals I put on. Eventually I’ll replace them again when I find something suitable.

Andre, your Titan was the inspiration for my custom paint job. I wanted something non-standard and eye catching like yours, but without copying you too closely. Post Your 36er Here

ok you guys convinced me I’m now leaning towards the titan (partly because I have a nimbus muni and am absolutely in love with it) with a gel saddle 127 cranks mx sidepull brake and a pi bar ( have to get separately ). Is the gel saddle black it doesn’t specify. also how well does the mx sidepull brake work
Thanks for all the great responses

Your titan looks great! Powder coating it is a very nice upgrade, as I don’t care much for the chrome finish.