Coker Big One - local sale only OC Calif

Coker Big One - KH adjustable seat post and steel OE seat post - pi handle bar - OE seat or KO gel - vbrake - 160 Spider alum cranks and 150 Coker steel cranks - Crank Bros pedals

$350 - local sale only - I don’t have any pictures but it is in really good shape and has hardly any miles on it. It is missing one spoke but that is the only flaw.

local :frowning:

is Maine local enough to Cali… :smiley:

Sorry, it just isn’t worth it to me to sell if I have to mess with shipping.

Im really interested and im in Ventura but that missing spoke is just turning me off :confused:

They are $2.00 at udc
I’ll knock it off the price.

Price Reduction Bump

Price is now $250!!! With Wellgo pedals instead of the Cook Bros.


:astonished: You’re sure you won’t ship?!? Because if you’re willing to ship I’m def. interested (and would pay shipping costs). I’ve been trying to find a good 29 or 36 inch unicycle for some time now.

If you want to check into shipping - Fedex - UPS - US Mail and let me know how it needs to be boxed or baged I’ll consider.


I’ve been looking into shipping. I’m assuming that it weights about 20lbs? What’s the smallest box you could fit it in? The only way USPS will ship it is if the length + girth is less than 108 inches, otherwise either ups or fedex are fine.

It’s about 17 lbs before packaging. The box would have to be at least 42x38x9, if I can find one. The last time I shipped a bike Fedex was cheapest, but it has been a while. Why don’t you PM me with details as to how we handle the transaction, where I am shipping and such? Alsodid you want the Koxx gel seat or the Coker original? The Coker seat does not have a front handle but you use the Pi handle so it really isn’t nec. or you can buy one from UDC for a couple bucks.

Tristan, it is packed and ready to go. Check your PMs for details.