coker big one for sale

Good shape, gray in color, bought new in january of this year. It’s just not practical for me, I have a cobalt and its just a pain to load it up and for the riding I want to do it’s just not the right uni. I’ve kept it in my house and it hasnt been abused. Im looking for a trade for a muni in good shape of equal value, either a 24 or 26. I live in wv. Will post some pics later. :slight_smile:

oh and only reply if you live close enough that we can swap em out in person, I havent had good luck with previous deals. Thanks

PM’d you.


I am willing to trade a black nimbus 26 muni for your coker, but I would like to see pictures before I can guarantee it.

Sorry, I missed your previous post. I don’t live within swapping distance.:frowning: