Coker Big One Custom Powder Coated Pink

I’m thinking of selling my Coker Big One custom powder coated pink (not sure how popular this will be due to color and customized to a smaller rider) :slight_smile: but I thought I’d put it up to see what happens. The powder coating was professionally done this winter. The frame has been cut to enable me to ride, my size (5’2") and I also cut the seat post for the same reason.

I will order a new seat post and will include the new uncut in the sale. I would not recommend a really tall rider get this only because I don’t know how it would work if an extreme amount of seat post stuck out of this frame.

This comes with a blue Coker saddle (not the KH shown in picture, and also gray plastic pedals (shown in original form) or Odyssey Jim C pedals (not pink shown in the picture). I have a caliper brake that is not on it in the picture but will include as well as a bike computer.

This has both 150 and 125 cranks included.

Not sure of an asking price. I’m thinking $425.00 but will consider realistic offers if I’m off base. This is my baby so I’m not interested in giving it away, but really want to purchase a KH24 at the moment.

Pictures below show before custom paint and after to evidence the Coker as it

I recommend a local buy or somewhere within this area that maybe we could meet up since shipping is about $125. I do have the original Coker Box but if I drive it somewhere to meet the box won’t fit in my car.

So I looked up the uni hub you are looking at is that really $1500.00??? I like to do more long distance riding than anything so naturally I am looking for a coker like yours. They are tough to find a used one for inexpensive. Is the brake not necessary to use? You dont happen to swing by maine on a regular basis do you HAHA.

You don’t need the brakes unless you are doing really steep downhill. And with the 150’s the downhill is still do-able, just takes those braking muscles. 125s are a bit harder on a DH though.

Thanks Dane M.

zsopes, I do agree with Dane M. I used my brakes a couple times on my 29er but never even left it on my 36er. I’ve been running the 150s and so far have been pretty successful without the brake. I like the idea of my leg muscles doing my work if possible. I intended to put it back on but never have.

Also, I’m not sure if you meant to reply to Nurse Ben’s KH36er with the
ti-hub or my 36er. I have never been to Maine in my life. I think I have friends who go there in late September but I’m sure you would like a 36er before then. I will also be going to NYC soon but I don’t think that’s much closer to Maine. In any case let me know if you are interested or if you meant to post to the KH. Thanks.

Ya I dont know… I was replying to anyone who wanted to answer lol. Ya I really want a 36 but I am feelin so cheap about it haha I think I am looking for a deal that isnt going to happen lol. There dont seem to be many of these used anywhere I would of thought people would try it and then get out of it. What kind of speed can you do on your 36. I am on a 26 and average 5mph

I would also consider trade for a KH 20 Flat Land with appropriate $$ compensation with such.

Price drop to $350.00 + shipping paypal only.

would you consider shiping to ottawa ontario canada?!?

I would be willing to ship anywhere if buyer is paying shipping. Honestly I’m afraid it would be very expensive but I’m not sure.

Hmmm, its a beauty, i like that you still have the original stuff it came with plus a few extras, I’m going to maul it over and talk with the GF, i am on holidays for the next 1 1/2 weeks so i can slip down pretty easy, Its been a bit since i was in the USA =D

That’s cool, enjoy your time and thank you

This is sold, thank you to the buyer for a great transaction :slight_smile:

glad to hear! my car literally died and i had to buy a new one… Hope all is well!