Coker Big One and Pi bar Review

This xmas I got myself a Coker Big On e with the Pi bar. I added some tektro v brakes, eaton bar wrap, and SKS fender.

Anyone reading this right now that is on the fence about buying a 36 I urge to you just get one! The speed is unreal!

The build quality on the Coker is good. Its not perfect by any means. All the parts lined up well and the bearing caps seem well made. The paint is average. Looks great though!

Again the build quality is good. The one issue that I have which is extremely annoying is that the seam on the rim protrudes. While I’m braking it catches and throws me off balance occasionally. I’m going to try to see if I can true the wheel or sand the seam down. This is my one main issue, small but annoying.

Eh, they are cranks. lol They aren’t the prettiest. Ill probably upgrade to nimbus venture cranks.

Im not too sure what coker thought when they chose these pedals but I want some of whatever they were smoking when they decided this. They only have pins on 1 side and the other side is super slick. I will definitely be purchasing new ones.

Its no KH freeride, but its not bad. With a little cutting I think this seat has alot of potential!

SKS Fender
Well its a fender. It keeps my butt dry. Adjustable mounting strap that can fit all my unis. 2 way adjustability to fit the curvature of the wheel. It was under 30$ so I really can’t complain, I would recommend this to anyone interested in keeping their butt dry.

Pi Bar
It is a little short, but it still feel really natural. I wrapped the bars in Eaton handlebar wrap and that made it much more comfortable to hold on to. The bar creates so much stability at speed its unreal! Turning becomes harder while holding the bar but all you have to do is lean up and let go for tighter turns. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with a 36. Plus is got a sexy stem that bolts to the seat post.

The XLR Ribbed tire is quite terrifying on snow/grit. I really haven’t had a problem with it though. I am just careful of my lines. It is great on the pavement, super smooth and fast!

I love this thing!

I’m surprised there weren’t any replies.


Is there any frame flex?

I personally really like the cranks. I like that they curve away from the wheel some towards the pedals.

I agree on the pedals… Yet I just got used to them and never bought new ones. Will probably get some plastic ones soon anyways though as they are required for some races.

Also agree with the Pi bar, I think it is really nice, but could have been a bit longer, I think the best solution will be to add longer handles, or even an areo bar to the end. For the price and the way it feels, I think it is great.

I’ve had my Big One for about 8 months now. I bought it used with the Pi bar and brakes. I agree that the Pi bar is a little too short - maybe add a longer MTN bike stem in the 110 - 120 range? It also came with 125s and 150s. I swapped out the pedals for the $20 aluminium pedals from UDC as they are grippier on both sides where the Coker pedals have smoother cast pegs on one side and screw in, sharper pegs on the other.
After riding for 8months with various set ups, I finally settled on seat, frame, wheel, 150s and UDC pedals. I found the brakes to be too touchy and have no problems with decents especially with the 150s. The Pi bar seems to just get in the way and make the uni front-heavy. I put a Bell clamp on water bottle cage on the back of the stem.
I can really whip the uni around, hop and muni. Love it as much as my N26 Muni.

Changed some things up this past summer. Haven’t got to ride it much lately though :confused: I just got a Co-Op in Wisconsin so hopefully I’m going to be commuting to work on it again! Haven’t ridden it in ages. I threw a street tire on my nimbus 26er and I’ve been using that as my commuter as I can keep it in my car and then cruise to class from the parking lot.

KH Freeride seat - awesome!
Nimbus Venture 125mms - awesome!
Colony Plastic bmx pedals -awesome!

that for idea

really great idea dude!!

Over all would you say that the big one could take quite a bit of abuse before the rim bent or anything like that?

Also, those nimbus cranks are straighter than the coker ones. Do you have any problems with your ankles bumping on them?

What are the pros and cons of 125mm cranks compare to 250mm?

The Coker rim is probably the strongest out there with 48 spokes. The new 42mm Nimbus rim might be stronger but the Coker rim is very strong.

The hub is also high quality. You have to be a little bit more careful with square taper than ISIS but if you have good cranks (the Coker ones appear to be good) and basic maintenance it should handle a goodly amount of abuse.

Here is a video of Brian O on a stock coker

125s are a great length to start with for fast/smooth road rides and 150s give you more control which would be better for slower riding, steep hills, offroad etc. Most people start with either one of those sizes then develop their own preferences.

Wow, that is a great video! It blows me away what people can do on 36 unis.