Coker BC

We all know that Brian MacKenzie is the man who pioneered the Coker UW and that he rides the thing in spectacular form like a madman… causing onlookers’ jaws to drop in rapid succession.

So which one of you BC lunatics is gonna be the man to do pioneer the Coker BC and then tear up the streets on it??? You can vote on this one if you’d like (even though I didn’t set up a poll).

i think that might tear up more than just the streets… :eek

What about woman huh?? You expect men to do everything first? Now, clearly, women have the advantage here! LOL. :stuck_out_tongue:

I gotta say, I kindof agree here… If a BC can do that to your legs… Let’s just say you’d want to be tall to make sure certain uh, regions don’t get tyreburnt. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, just like you say, “toughen up” :stuck_out_tongue:

With a free wheelin’ bc why make it a 36" wheel?

You wont go faster as there is nothing to pedal. Its like saying who will be the first to gear up a BC.

And ouch tire burn from that thing would be painful.

It will be easier to roll up curbs or down steps… Motre momentum creates much greater power to overcome obsticles. :wink:
And because it’s coool!

It’s the point of actually doing it. So what if it makes no difference, I agree with you lleberg, it’s cool. It’s one of those things you do, just because you can.

I agree with lleberg and Zee - it would just be cool… especially being up higher, and like lleberg said… more momentum to overcome obstacles + I wonder if you could bank the Coker BC around turns somewhat… that would look sweet!

I’ve never even tried a regular BC… maybe I’ll have a go at it at an upcoming NYUC meeting.

Because it’s there! What a silly question. :smiley:

You should be fine as long as you can ride a BC and you have legs l > 18inches…and you wear thighguards maybe…

buy this and slap some bc plates on it.

If I had the extra cash lying around, I’d give it serious consideration… that is after I learned how to ride a regular BC… that is IF I was able to learn how to ride a regular BC!

I figured one of you pros would make one first, though… and show me how it’s done!

It would be a really cool scene for Brian’s movie!

You’d have to build up a Coker wheel around a bike hub (or buy the Coker penny-farthing).

I can’t wait to take a 36" BC wheel down a set of stairs! :astonished:

Hmm, just don’t tell Evan Byrne. He’ll do it, and then turn around and sell it back to you. :slight_smile:

Evan Byrne is going for bigger and bigger wheels.
Soon, very soon he will have a 36". But then he´ll ewant something bigger.

The wheel wouldn’t be tall enough to get you up there, unless you have like a 17" inseam. I can straddle a coker wheel standing on the ground with room to spare. I think the biggest issue would be that the wheel would be so heavy that it would not react as good and you abs would get tired quicker because you could not move it back and forth as fast to stay on.

i’m worried about hurting my man parts during a fall. on a small bc wheel i can get a foot down and fall fairly awkwardly without crunching my ballsack. on such a large wheel there’s a smaller margin of error. not that i wouldn’t try it, but i wouldn’t want to be the first.

As I said before, women have a deffinate advantage for this. And you could always make a gradual change from a 20" to a 24" to a 26 or 28" before you go to the 36"

A bigger wheel seems to add a little more lateral stability, but I think a coker would seriously shred your thighs.

I was riding the 20" today and landed my butt flat on the wheel… talk about an a** pounding.