coker average speed.

I’m sure you guyz have speedo’s on ya cokers, and if ya don’t ya should :stuck_out_tongue:

Wondering with what setup included, what is your guyz average speed, on whatever route you like to ride?

Considering whether to get a UDC coker or a KH29 for this Hadrian’s wall run.


Try here

still doesn’t help compare for 29" coz i don’t have a basis of comparison. Any thoughts?

still doesn’t help compare for 29" coz i don’t have a basis of comparison. Any thoughts?

I’m on my way around New England on a Coker with 20lbs of gear on the frame. I’ve clocked my speed on a GPS receiver as high as 16 MPH with an average of 10 or 11 MPH.

I don’t quite get what you’re asking. A Coker is the fastest unicycle you can get without gearing up a giraffe or finding an internally geared hub. A lot of distance riders prefer a coker with 4 1/2" cranks for maximum distance with minimum stroke.

that is the runz gradiants, just looking at options.


Do you have more information about this Hadrian’s wall run? Is it open to the public? What sort of event is it?

I’m not that fit, and on my Nimbus 29er (125mm cranks), I can average 8-9mph no problem. My top speed, trying really hard is just a touch under 14mph, but that doesn’t leave much room for error. These numbers are from my cycle computer which is approximately correctly set but may not be completely accurate.


it’s a special event on the 15th-22nd of july - 20 quid a night - 30 miles a day average and luggage / camping / breakfast included. you’d need a tent.

According to my meager research, the best unicycle for riding up Mt. Diablo in Northern CA (1000+ meters, 3300’) is a Coker. When it comes down to slogging at your cardio conditioning’s limit, the Coker is going to go faster than something smaller.

Get both, I did… I have the radial 360 and the KH29 and you really cant compare the two
I love both of them

I donno 'bout you, but I don’t wear a speedo while riding my coker.
Anyway, my average speed is usually between 10 and 11 mph, with an airfoil rim and 150mm crank arms.

UDC is gonna get me a price for a that alu rim with a schlumpf frame, so it’s all sexy iodized black. If i can’t get one b4 that hadrians thing, i’m prob gonna do it on a 24" :smiley: