Coker and trials must go

Alright, here is the deal.

Coker, nimbus nightrider, practically new. 2009? Can get pictures later today if interest, double hole cranks 165-150 can also ship with kh 125s that have had a brushed finished put on by yours truly. Is 500$ a fair price? I’m not some idiot asking for what he bought, wanting way to much, so if it’s steep let some others chime in. I’m not really wanting to give it away. Reasonable. It’s got a working maggie. The seat has been cut to expose chanse. Light rust on the spokes were the meet the hub flange. Tire is like new. Seat post is pretty much stump cut and slammed- not much adjustablity here.

Trials- white russian with some terrible insane clown posse stickers… ugh… old style blue kh hub, stripped with surface rust. Nimbus rim in orange, by myself. Steel seat post, old super duper old kona jackshits. They work nice and I like them, but are old and the bearings make funny sounds. Carbon seat with allen bolts which thread up in, extremely nice. So piece of shit with nice seat… The seats 125$. really nice. The rest of the crap can go for 125$. Awesome learner, was proquality, super strong. Basically a nimbus trials. Awesome first that you will not break. I think I can ship with an extra seat that I have laying around. Oh yeah, kh cranks 137’s.

So without seat 125+ cost of new seat= bombproof. Wheels are both in good working order. Rim is not flatted or the other. Comes with tryall sticker, which is pretty new. Can ship with a brand new cc.

Also stripped kh frame polished to mirror finish with welds sanded. Awesome- the bearing holders look like shit and I don’t have the bolts, cheap and easy to get through. Asking 150 for the 2months used kh longneck.

To go with that there is a kh rim, 08 I believe both are this and frame, stripped and polished aswell. 40$ This is the offset one, with eyelets.

I’ve also got the spokes and nips to build up to a kh 08 hub, the black one with smaller cutouts. Free with frame and rim together- other wise 15$ silver spokes, forget the brand, whatever ucd had. Alloy red nips. Black hub is 30$.

Can ship with a brand new cc, and I also have a pair of quax isis cranks in 145, which are a bit bruised. 30$

Would prefer a package deal on the kh set up. If you get all that for 150, you get a brand new cc tossed in the loop and could probably hook you up with a free reg kh seat. If not, still an awesome dealo- New kh for 250 pretty much, yeah take it. 45 more gets you crabon. Will toss in a steal post free, brand new, and the kh post which I cut to a stump.

Also a non drilled carbon bas from udc. 100$ of udc… 70$ alone, and will add to the package deal for you got it, 45$.

Nagoitable. More up to date member, please inform me if there are in fact not fair prices, please no conspiracies to rob for me for cheap haha, seriously, let me know. Some interest in the 36er and other bits. Hurry. Deals like this don’t last.

To other members I’ve talked with, If I named a lower price between us before this, I will honor it. I don’t think I have, but I will honor it, no liars. =p

Paypal preferred. Buyer pays shippin’ yo

Pictars upon request.


There you go.

PM sent on KH stuff.

Aye, if scrpit and pic don’t match the picture is correct. I’m not a bastard with tricky wording- you get the t-7 touring bar and the bag and pedals.

The yellow things.

That is an ody 7ka rim, never used at all. It was 90$ or something stupid… that is a koxx freestyle frame chopped up. Seriously- good deal here- 60 for both. The rim alone is good.

Kh package pretty much done.

Still have the super cheap uni and coker and parts.

Lets go peeps.

that is it mm.

Roger that.
PM sent r.e.payment.

so what do you still have after the Kh package

The blue hub- the 150mm kh cranks and 125, the full carbon seat, the 125$ trials- the coker and the green bits.

are they 125s? or 125 150 double hole?

and what rim is the green one?

Doubles are on the coker.

There are two sets of moments cranks- 125mm and the other is 150mm.

Ody 7ka- best bmx rim. Period. Look it up. Comes pretty with khe folding tire- 50$ alone. Deal.

blam. I want. How much for the 125s?

ans what ever happened to the white russian seat? or did it ever have one?

125’s hmmm… 55$ sound good? Never really used them- rode them for like a week.

Nope, never had one, got the frame alone and built it up. All my seats are in pieces all over. Foams and such scattered.

Oh, in a week or two I’ll have an old old dx. 2007- the frame with clerance and crap with a a good cc, and is alright shape. 50$

how about an even $50

Fair enough phil.

Anything else your interested in?

well if you had a fresh set or bearings around that would be sweet

I can do that I think, if you get the blue hub there free.