coker advice!

i’ve been unicycling for 7 months and muni is my favorite
i have a strong mountain biking background, and the one element i don’t like about muni is lack of speed (muni is best on steep, short, technical trails, which i don’t have many of nearby)

i’m strongly contemplating a coker for x-mas
i don’t want to just get a stock coker, but i also don’t want the exact opposite on the spectrum (a livewire wheel build, and a custom frame, nice seat and all the works) that setup would run me like $1000+

would this udc one be good w/ an airfoil rim, a wide hub, and a wheel build better than a factory one?

could i get a custom frame/brake and stuff later?

also, does darren bedford make coker frames?


that’s the wheelset

I was thinking exactly the same, I’ll be waiting for replies…

Cokers are great fun off road. A 29 is may be more versatile. A cheaper option is to shorten the cranks on the uni that you already have. You’ll not only go faster, but you’ll be surprised how much more challenging it is!

I have the wheelset mentioned, in a stock Coker frame.

I have abused that for over a year now.

I don’t really do any real drops on it (a few feet tops) but I smash into and plough through anything.

I did notice how much better the livewire wheel felt, but this will do until I save my pennies (I’m upto about 7 pennies right now)

TWNR has some really cool Coker stuff in it, and it’s all done on the wheel from unicycle dot com.

This video I made last night shows how much fun you can have going fast. The abrupt dismount at the end is when the wide angle lens hitting the ground. (STILL no scratches!)

Coker Riding

and lets not forget the stock coker taco’ing problem:

Stock Coker Rim

yeah, that video came out at a perfect time!
i was just thinking about how fun a coker would be, then i saw how fast you go on the trails! cool!

could i get a stock coker frame somewhere to put on a livewire wheel?

just curious: why do you think it rides better, and how much better do you think it rides??

do brian that was awesome…