Coker addons/accessories

So I recently realized how much I’m riding my bike. I ride it to work, I ride it to my friends’ houses, and I ride it around town. I try doing that with my unicycle (A 24" Schwinn from the 60’s) but I end up getting really tired after a mile or so. I decided to save up for a coker (hopefully by my birthday in october)

I decided on This one and realized it had a lot of extra features.

So the saddle. I’ll get the KH for sure, but is the fusion worth it? I mean, I don’t think I need a removeable cover, but is that a very helpful feature?

Also, the crank length. I don’t have to worry about lots of hills or rough terrain. I also don’t plan on going as fast as possible. Should I go with the longer cranks?

Is the brake even worth it? I mean, don’t you still have to slow down to avoid an UPD? Can you throttle the brake, like, press it down a little to create a little friction, and slowly ease to a stop? I would like the brake, but I don’t know if it would be worth the extra 100 (but if it would be useful in a city setting, I would like to get it)

And finally, the spokes. Is 12 gauge going to suit me for normal sidewalk/road terrain? Or should I go the extra 40 bucks for the 14 gauge? Is it a noticeable difference?

Thanks for any and all help.

its worth geting the reomvable cover if your planing on converting it to an air saddle

if i where you i would get the 125’s for now than upgrade to pdc’s kookas (i have them)

if you not gona be rideing steep hills of in the city than i would say there not needed and you can alwyas get the later

thats what i have and i ride muni and have only ajusted them like twice so i would say the 12s are fine

Fusion seat: I love mine, but I don’t know of any difference between it and the standard KH seat

Crank length: the 150 length is generally too big, and 125 may take you some getting used to. I recommend switching to Dotek 140mm cranks. I have them and I love them. I’ve climbed some pretty big hills with my 140s. As you get more comfortable on your Coker you will move to 125s. I’m going to switch to 125s.

Brakes: Most people don’t use or need them, but I’d love to have them when I’m riding a steep hill descent. I’m thinking about getting some sort of brake for that reason. If you don’t live in a hilly area you don’t need them.

Spokes: I have the standard spokes on a standard steel Coker wheel and I’ve had no problem. That being said, this would be a worthwhile investment for you. Any performace improvement you can get out of your wheel is worth it. I am going to upgrade to the UDC Airfoil rim wheelset with the spoke upgrade.

I upgraded my pedals to Twisted PC pedals.

Hope that helps. You will love Cokering.

-Reid J.
Atlanta, GA