Coker achievements?

Having just watched Sofa’s tacoeing of a coker vid, I’m quite interested to know what people can do on cokers other than road ride. I’ve seen the guy hand wheel walking in OWNL and I’m sure a picture of someone else regular wheel walking too. And of course off-roading!

What can you do on a coker? Or what have you seen/heard of people doing on them?


Hmm… I’ve done side mount, 2f idle each foot, bw, seat-in-front forwards, off-road in ice/snow, hops, curbs, 10" wide plank, some minor drops. I’ve seen in person 1f w-w, one-footed, stairs, benches, picnic tables, loading docks, 7.5’ drop, skinny wall (about 6").

I broke my collarbone on one :frowning:

  • Frank

For tricks on my coker I can Ride 1 foored idle and do backwards

Zack Baldwin rode his down a very large staircase (about 20 steps?) at the Laguna Seca Raceway on the night before the 24 hour race we did there. The bridge was part of the race course, crossing over the racetrack. A number of bikes were coming the other way up on the bridge while Zack and I were heading out to test-ride the course. I said, “Hey, I dare you to ride down those stairs!” as the bike guys were saying similar things to each other.

So Zack hopped on, rode to the edge of the bridge, and brrrrrrumph! made the hard transition at the bottom! I saw the tire flex way out to one side, but the wheel was fine.

Problem was, this was not his Coker, it was borrowed from John Hooten and had the regular rim. We had plans to photo and video him doing it again after the race, but we never got around to that. It was pretty cool. I wish I could turn off my “fear switch” like that…

These have been referenced before but here are clips of Ben, Ben’s friend Jerry, and Brad doing tricks on their Cokers. Thing is, the clips were shot two years ago when the boys were 12 and 9 years old and not too long after they had received their Cokers. They have of course come a long way since then.


I’ve entered the Unicon10 freestyle comp on my coker. With Jack Halpern on his coker. We were SOOOO bad I’m surprised we got a medal for coming last out of three. BUT we were the first to do coker freestyle in competition.

sticking to long rides now.