Coker Abuse

So I’ve been thinking about getting a coker and I was wonder what kind of abuse you coker guys put them up to. Out of the following I’d like to know how much you do each and if you’ve seen any negative side effects.

ride on dirt/grass/gravel
riding off/up curbs
anything else you can think of.


Hi there,

I have an airfoil rim and a wide hub and stainless spokes, so it’s a stronger wheelbuild than the standard coker wheel.

I’ve done everything there except riding up significant curbs, which I can’t quite make work yet. No ill effects as far as the wheel is concerned, but hopping it is quite hard work!

If you have an airfoil rim, your coker can take pretty much ANYthing you throw at it.
But if you have a steel rim…you should be careful going off curbs. Steel rims are pretty useless, for anything harder than riding on flat ground.

I’ve done all that on a stock coker, stock rim, no problems.

I wouldn’t do big drops on a coker, and can’t hop it any decent height, just enough to get up the odd kerb if I really need to.


I have the low end 360

It’s not bad on gravel lots here in flat land, with 150 cranks. It can get a bit twisty in some loose conditions with the slick TA tire. Maybe the semi knob Coker tire would be best off road, but the TA isn’t terrible.
Now I wish that I had paid more for the better spokes and rim. Strangely, the best off road tire won’t work with the best rim . Hopefully this will be fixed soon.
Start with 6 " cranks, or longer if it’s hilly. Cranks are cheap, try 5 " later.

  • I wouldn’t recommend hopping on it.
  • I’ve ridden mine through gravel and dirt and have no problems with it.

Upgrades to it are…
Well my coker has 110s on it (soon to get 102s). I’ve done 44.8km/h or 27.8mp/h on it. :smiley: I also recently got a low profile 40" tyre for it. YAY :smiley:

if you avoid things with corners (a bad attempt trying to hop up a curb) or landing with the weight not directly over the wheel, you should be able to to a lot of off road stuff. if you check out my movies, there is a great deal shown with what the airfoil rims can take in terms of abuse…anything you throw at them.

as for riding off road with the stock rim, you just need to ride gracefully around objects instead of plowing into them, but this is actually quite a fun skill to learn + uise