Coker 36er

What are the pros and cons on the Coker 36er?

Pro: usually inexpensive
Con: not compatible with most other unis (48 spoke rim/hub, 125mm hub width, square taper hub/cranks). Mainly this just means that upgrading is difficult/impractical. They tend to be a little heavier than the KHs. Early models were steel, but later ones had/have aluminum frames.

Cokers are generally good unicycles, and many people own and ride them. I bought one second-hand from a forum member on the classifieds, and used it for a couple of years until I built my current 32" road uni. I sold it to another forum member who now rides it (happily, I believe). They are sturdily built, and are capable of riding many hard miles. (The guy I got mine from rode it on the “Ride the Lobster” ride some years back, without incident.) (Look it up on the forum search)
Cokers were the first production 36’rs, and some of the “old timers” still refer to 36" riding as “Cokering.”

I ride a 36" Titan and it’s pretty good. The main reason I had chosen the Titan over the Coker was the upgrade ability and also while I was doing my research I found that the Coker had a lot more cases of defects from the factory.

I can confirm that. :slight_smile:

The unicycle is fine, the brake is useless to dangerous. If you need a 36er with brake this is not the unicycle you are looking for.