Coker/ 36er Gathering in Houston, TX this Friday

In case there are any Texas Lurkers out there :

There will be a Coker/ 36er Gathering in Houston, TX this Friday, November 24th, 2006

It’s called Jerry’s Dam ride.

Here is a site with a map and more info and also pics from last year’s ride:


I so wish I lived in Texas!!! To get to ride with 7 or 8 other Coker Unicyclsts. I have only once seen someone else on a uni and it was not a Coker.

Have Fun, if I ever go to Texas, I will look you guys up!!

i want to try a 36" uni
but i will be in corpus christi doing trials
houston… its a good drive from here

I was actually planning to be there on Friday on my 36er anyway… Maybe I’ll see you guys.

It’s actually called The Dam Turkey Ride.


I will be there! It was a blast last year, and certainly will be again.


Not trying to thread jack, but is there anyone here from West Texas?

Where do you live? I know someone in Abilene. And sometimes my work takes me out to various places in West Texas.