Coker 36er Accessories

As the title says, I am looking for accessories for a 36 inch Coker.

what are you looking for?

Saddle? Seatpost? Pedals? Handlebar? Cranks? Seatpost Clamp? Stickers? Tires? tubes? Valve stem caps? : P

I have a couple of 36 inch Nimbus Stealth I rims, 36 inch spokes, a 36 inch Nightrider tire and 36 inch tube. In addition, I have a 25.4 adjustable KH seatpost, seatpost clamps, KH brake mount, KH Moment hub, KH 150 Moment cranks and pedals.

Mainly the handlebars, studded pedals would be nice too, the handlebars don’t even have to be Coker, just ones that are compatible with it. Thanks

I have a shadow bar I could sell for cheap, but you need a pivotal seatpost for it. I may have an extra one but I’m pretty short, so it’s cut to like 6 inches or something. I usually have my seat pretty far down. I don’t know if the coker saddle will work with it though… if it doesn’t have a KH base, probably not.

For pedals, I’d really recommend going with Odyssey PCs if you’re OK with plastic. They’re very grippy and durable. Usually you can pick them up for 10 or 15 bucks.

Hey juggleaddict, I don’t mean to barge in on your offer, but if sethowens25 doesn’t want the shadow I’d like to hear what you want for it, as I’m planning to get one, but hoping to not spend >100 for one on

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