Coker 36" wheel

Coker brand 36" wheel in good condition. There are some minor paint chip/scratch on the rim. It comes with a pair of aluminum crank. I have a pair of crappy pedals to throw in if you want them (not shown in picture).

Also included is an extra hub and some extra spokes (both rusty).

Pick up only in Fremont, CA. $100 OBO.

I will happily take that wheel off your hands but I am currently in KY. I live near Santa Cruz and will be back home in a month or so.

Sure. You can pick it up after you return.

Just to clarify, I bought two Coker wheels several years ago. I used the rim of the more used one to build an ultimate wheel. What’s left is in this post.


Two pairs of steel cranks for free. You pickup. Looks like 6" long. They are heavy compare to aluminum cranks.

Do you still have the wheel for sale? I’m in San Francisco and I’d love to pick it up. Feel free to shoot me a DM or email at


Wheel no longer available. Thanks!

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