Coker 36" uni

I have a Coker Big one, 36", for sale in central coastal California (San Luis Obispo area). It’s essentially brand new; I could ride it, but getting that big wheel rolling was too hard on my aging knees (55 in two weeks). I’d like $400 for it, and am not interested in shipping, Paypal, Ebay, etc; more like ‘I hand it to you, you give me cash’. If interested, give me a call…805-528-6113; or email me at; I probably won’t be checking this posting very often. Bob

could you post some pics of it?

This guy is legit, I reserved this Coker for two months and then couldn’t come through with the money.He’s a great guy with an awesome Coker. Buy his stuff!

akchase…Thanks for the referral, and vote of legitimacy! Bob


I buy if u ship

Photo attempt

Whoa, I think I did it…posted a reply with a photo! Woohoo!

big uni.jpg

I’m trying to avoid shipping cuz of the hassle…but, we’ll see how the local sale goes.

brake mouts

hi, does this model have brake mounts by chance? :thinking: :sunglasses:

It has the V-Brake style brake mounts. If you want to put a Magura on that uni you will have to buy adapters.

You might try putting 170 cranks on it. My knees are only slightly younger than yours (51 in a week). The longer cranks make getting going and stopping muuuuuuuuuuuch easier. I use mine mostly for Crosscountry with a sprinkling of actual MUni. Since I switched from 150s to 170s, I’ve barely ridden my other unis. Its my favorite by far. Where I couldn’t (on the Coker) before, now I can ride backwards, idle, etc.


Hey, everyone…I sold it today; thanks for the interest. Bobco