Coker 36" near Seattle

After much deliberation, I decided to put my 36" up for sale (Coker with pi bar & brakes). I purchased it used, let it sit for a year while I worked up the courage, then rode it maybe 8 or 10 times. Then my KH24 arrived and I’ve been riding muni ever since (Thanks unigeezer for all the videos that made it look EASY. It only took me like four months of falling to get to the fun part!).

And no shipping, sorry… local pickup only. But I’d love to see it to go to someone on the forums.


Someone buy this thing. Its taunting me. I want a 36er but don’t have the time or space at the moment. The link doesn’t work anymore but he has it reposted for $300.

LOL… you need it! I might even throw in the crank swapping tool. Really I should just wait until summer but I’ve got this “clean your garage” project starting.

Coyote your CL add has expired.

Ah, silly craigslist. When you renew a post it gives you a new number. :thinking:

I already have a 36er but ditto :stuck_out_tongue:
I think the only thing keeping it unsold is the no shipping.

I’d love to buy it for $300, but it would cost me at least $150 in gas (and two days) to drive there and back. I’ll keep an eye on this thread in case you change your mind and decide you might be willing to ship it.

Hey Darth – I think Sillycontraption has given in to temptation, but I’ll keep you posted. If not, maybe I’ll bring the Coker to Munifest and give it to whomever carries my '24 down from Slickrock (while I head to the ER in a big shiny chopper). :stuck_out_tongue:

yes I have

It feels more like addiction than temptation.

Hehehe. Just hang your 24 on the chopper’s landing skids (but remember to remove it before landing. If he does let you bring it to Munifest, that would be sweet. Can I have first dibs? That’s only a 4-hour drive instead of 12, and only $50 in gas to get to Moab.

Silly’s coming down this weekend to pick it up – looks like it’s sold. If he gets cold feet then Darth has dibs. Thanks everyone!

Sounds good. Thanks

Thanks coyote29er! I’m so looking forward to riding this thing. And thank you to Anton005 for the seat post. I took the Pi bar off for learning. Unfortunately I don’t think I will have time to ride till Tuesday.


That is awesome. Congrats! Major grin on your face I bet.

Is the seat on backward?

No. The brake mounts are on the front of the frame.