Coker 36" and Nimbus 20" Trials

Two unicycles for sale, I love them both but I’m leaving NZ and can’t take them with me.
First is a Cokers 36 inch. It has a broken spoke but otherwise it’s in fine condition. I’ve had the uni for only 8 months.
-The Big One Frame
-Coker Saddle, post, and clamp
-Sweet all-terrain coker tread tire
-125mm cranks
-Animal pedals
-Coker Pi Bar
Second is one I recently picked up. The Nimbus 20 inch trials. It is what it is, a sturdy, well built cycle. However I wrecked the seat post and it is no longer with us.
-Nimbus trails frame
-Nimbus saddle and post clamp
-Creepy ol’ crawly tire
-metal pedals with pins(awesome but I don’t know what they are)

Coker - $600nzd ONO
Nimbus - $150nzd ONO

Leave any questions here or send me a text 0210 260 8389



I was wondering if your willing to ship to the United States?

That would put it at a low rate of 465usd and I’m willing to ship it to the states but you would have to pay the shipping which very well may put out of a resonable price range. I’ll message you when I can get an apoximation for you.

Hi there,

is the nimbus in need of just a seat post? was the collar damaged at all? wht kind of shape is it in? thanks

Yo Dan

The trials is all good. I broke the seat post at the braket on the top. If you’re in NZ I’ll be drivng all around the country and could deliver either of the unis in this way.

with any luck, i will be buying quaxer’s nimbus trials which seems to be exactly what I was looking for (newbie here), plus he lives close to me (canada). gl with your sale!