Coker/29er frame question

I’m looking at adapting a 28” frame so that I can use it for a coker wheel and a 29er wheel. My thoughts are along similar lines to the short persons coker frame where the frame legs can change length. I’ll also be putting Magura brake mounts on it so I’ll have to figure that into it.

Has anyone done this or similar?

Any tips or advice would be appreciated.


Has nobody done or thought about doing this? I can’t be the first.

I’ve started some (basic) drawings but not having a 36" or 29" wheel yet I’m just guesstimating the dimensions. Any pointers to info would be great.

Cheers, Gary


I was planning to talk to you about it at tomorrow’s UniMeet, assuming your attending?


I’ll speek to you tomorrow then Keith. By that you’ll gather I will be at the Kidderminster Unimeet :smiley: