Coker/28 - a comparison.

You can’t say that! It’s John’s, even if he doesn’t know it yet… :slight_smile:


Another “subjective” asset of the Coker is its esthetic appeal. It may be subjective but it is also undeniable. The things are incredible to look at, especially when being ridden.

It’s being sold by a girl in jugglesoc. If you’re interested then I can give her your e-mail address, although I’m not certain about the details. For all I know she’s recently discovered it’s great fun and won’t sell. If you don’t want to plaster your e-mail address all over the forum, then e-mail me at eeywjmh (at) (irony noted)


P.S. Phil admit it, you only want me to buy a coker so you can have a go. I think I should wait until september just through spite. Ha!