Cody Freakin' Williams 5/23/12

Cody dropped by my house yesterday and we went to a local park for some riding. I shot the footage and made this video of his awesome skills! And he did all this with a broken finger!

Really great video! Cody’s riding was very nice, and the filming and editing really impressed me! And a Switchfoot song can only make it better!

My filming and editing was inspired by Cody’s awesome riding. I had asked Cody what song he might like me to use, and he suggested this one, and it turned out to be a perfect fit in many ways. I especially liked how I was able to time the opening clips with the beat, and the words of the song kicked in with a building crescendo at the moment he landed the 360 off the stairs! The whole video just seemed to fall together really well from start to finish. :slight_smile:

Have my babies cody.