Cody and Spencer feb. vid

Posted this in the video forum too…

This was filmed last weekend. Filmed an edited by Evan Byrne.

It is mostly Cody but I wont get into that :roll_eyes:

It is on Here.
That is a really huge version. It is only about 2:44 long and around 200mb. The quality is really good though.

More (smaller) versions to come later.

Hehe here is a teaser :wink:

OK here is a youtube link guys, lower quality for yallz!

hehe, heres a teaser

awesome bail, cody, that looks amazing:p

cody I sure hope you ride with a cup on! some of those falls looked painful.

nice video

cool editing and nice quality too

the riding was awesome too

The youtube version is horrible not only is it crazy bad quality but it took widescreen and pushed it into standard. Watch the big one, its worth it.

Finally on youtube! Great video! Some of those bails looked pretty painful! :astonished:

Nice job guys, that was a great video. Good choice of music. Cody, since when do you have a Blueberry?

You serious man? I was riding a blue berry at CMW last year, and I have had one for a good while, Lately I have been riding a longneck trials from Renegade, but I had a misshap with a seat post while attempting a crankflip down a nice size 6 set, so I went back to my old setup wit ha different seat post.

Oh, my bad. Cmon man, you know I don’t have the cash flo to show up at CMU, lol. How did you screw up the longneck?

His long neck is fine, he just broke the aluminum seat post. So he is riding the blueberry frame with my cromo post. I have never ridden that post before and cody bent it :roll_eyes:

Hay thanks to my hammer its straight now :wink:

have you built up that twenty g street uni yet?

Here is a 10mb wmv version thanks to Olarf

I had it put together for a while but I like my trials uni better.

Enjoyable vid. Your spins and flips are mind-boggling. Thanks for the inspiration.

:astonished: :astonished: cody and spencer have inspired me to get my hickflips down asap, then start working on 540’s :angry: :smiley: backflips :thinking: and doubleflips :astonished:

Cant wait! need to get hickflip down first though!


awesome riding, makes me want to go do a quadruple frontflip(w/ the uni, not crankflips)

It really is awesome riding though, i liked the 360 down the stairset. I’m working on those right now. I realllllllly want to hit one down the massive stairset at the beach. (stupid-one word-stupid)

I reallllly want to see you do that:)

very impressive guys! you had some sweet angles! I’m also a big fan of COC so the music was most definatly groovin for me!