Cody and Spencer feb. vid

This was filmed last weekend. Filmed an edited by Evan Byrne.

It is mostly Cody but I wont get into that :roll_eyes:

It is on Here.
That is a really huge version. It is only about 2:44 long and around 200mb. The quality is really good though.

More (smaller) versions to come later.

Looks much better if watched in VLC media player. If you dont have it Get it while the movie its downloading.

Great movie!!

Really worth waiting for of you guys who end up needing to wait a long time. =p

im uplaodin a smaller version into youtube, I have one in my myspace though for those who have me…

thats awesome! really enjoyed,
good editing as well!

hey guys, can’t get it to work in VLC player at all and it is so jumpy in WMV that I can’t see it.
Is it up on Youtube yet?


that was a cool vid!

I liked all the bails:D

nice vid i like it!! :slight_smile:

The film was ass bash good =) I realy liked the 540 of the bench

sweet vid, are you guys you think mainly trails?

great video, nice riding and good editing


While your shoulder is healing, you have 2 motivated riders doing cool tricks. They assure you to be busy enough with filming to have the time pass quicker.
The editing was nice to, but i couldn’t almost see any credits, lazy you.

This weird zoom effect on the crank after spencer missed the dbflip on a 2set in the intro, is it a feature of your camera or an editing effect ?


ya i was wandering how u were doing that to. really good vid guys. 540 off the bench way sick.

Its a fisheye effect. Start with the camera 2ft away but zoomed in on the object, move the camera in while zooming out.

The youtube version is horrible not only is it crazy bad quality but it took widescreen and pushed it into standard. should see the bigger version, its very nice quality shot with a very nice cam.

Nice movie and good quality too, i’m happy to download the bigger sized file cos it just looks so much better, wish our weather was that sunny in feb too.

Here is a 10mb wmv version thanks to Olarf

inspirational man, love it.

i really look up to you guys.

and am a little envious:D

hopefully i will be able to ride at your level sometime in the future.:o

:slight_smile: sweet:)

As Spencer still posted, we upload a small version (even if the big one is better :smiley: ) . Depending on thechnical issues you will see the video on utv in wrong format (4:3) and not in 16:9. If you download, also the 10 MB Version has the correct format. In the new version of utv those problems are fixed but we still work on the relaunch. I know that we want to be online with it since 6 weeks but they always need some time to build rome …

So the 200 MB Version is still here, the 10 MB wmv is here and a 56 MB mov file (but 4:3) is here. Just right mouse click to get it.

Thanks to Cody, Spencer and Evan