cocker vs bike

DO NOT TELL ME TO USE THE SEACH FEATURE ! :slight_smile: Alright the question simply is… can someone on a cocker keep up or even win vs a bike on a road ? Im not talking about a pro biker… I mean a ok cocker’er vs a normal biker. Could the coker win ? If not, would a geared one do the thing ? thanks.


I assume you don’t want us to tell you to use the search feature either?:wink:

i hope you mean coker. please dont say cocker, it conjures up bad images.

I am just an average joe bike rider. My average road speed is 22mph over 50 miles, 20mph over 100 miles and close to 28mph over 5 miles, all under 3000 feet of elevation gain. So can a uni go that fast? I will be learning to ride a uni this week so I can’t comment.



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I’m still getting to grips with my new 36er, but I can say that riding through London on a 29" wheel it is not unusual to pass other cyclists. I know that the standard and fitness of commuters varies a lot, and I normally get overtaken by more than I over take, but even so I’m not that much slower than the ‘average’ rider.

I live with a guy that has been riding his bike in to work for over a year now, and he still takes longer to do almost the same journey. Ok, so he works about half a mile further away, but he also chooses to take the cycle path and quiet roads route home, and always stops at red lights, and doesn’t arrive home totally knackered. But, still, he’s a reasonably fit guy* and over 8 miles I’m better off.

Just wait until I get some short cranks and a bit more practice on the new Nimbus… :smiley:


  • Ok, now just because I said I live with him, don’t assume that I mean he’s fit in that kind of way!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the other cyclist that commute aren’t racing. I’m always racing :smiley:

On average, no.

If you’re out with friends who are on bikes and they ride a bit slow and you ride fast you can stay together, but when I go out for a ride on the bike paths I rarely overtake bikes.

In a flat out race where you’re both trying to go fast, the bike would almost always win. And if there is a lot of downhill and you aren’t going to glide down it, the bike will ALWAYS win. If it’s a lot of uphill you might have a shot.

When you look at how many people ride bikes, the fact that you know your average speed for a 100 mile trip, I would say that puts you a peg or two above ‘Average Joe’. In percentage terms, I’d guess that less than 5% of cyclist go on 50+ mile jaunts.

However, to put things in to context, between 20 and 45* miles on my 29"er, I average between 10 and 11 mph. I’d hope to be in the 14-15 mph bracket on my Coker, once I’m more comfortable with it.


  • my maximum distance in one ride to date

Point taken, I guess I ment as far as speed, I am nothing special. I have a KH24 arriving tomorrow and plan on getting a Coker by summers end. This is my first real attempt at a uni but I have this wild hair up my arse to ride a century next summer on a uni. I would love 14-15mph I was planning on 10-12mph.


I have passed people on bikes on my 29er. I’ve even passed people on bikes on my 24". But given reasonably equivalent rider strengths, a bike will significantly outperform a unicycle on any terrain.

I don’t do much riding on the streets, but I do ride the coker in the trails. I smoke by bikers often. And I rarely see them again on my ride (which means they aren’t able to catch up. This is with 175mm cranks, so I’d imagine that with some shorter cranks, a 36 wheel oughta be able to go pretty friggin fast.

People ride for different reasons so here is my statement based on what I have read;

two riders of equal desire and abilities, the bike will always win.

man law

cocker? did koxx one come out with a 36"er? :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re obviously a fit road biker, those are okay club time trial speeds, nothing like average bike rider speeds. Average speed for a normal cyclist will be way less than that. Most cyclists I see here are going at approx 10mph maximum, I see a few going up to about 14mph, and every so often see them going at 20+.

If you’re pretty fit on a coker, you can go 12mph for sustained periods. Most normal fit coker riders can go 10mph for ages. Against someone of equal fitness the bike rider will always win.

But if it’s just mates who aren’t keen cyclists, you’re just popping out for a bike ride, if you ride cokers a lot, you can usually keep up no problems.


Those ain’t no average speeds. If you’re doing those speeds without drafting, those are above average bike racing speeds.

In fact, I submitted a thread over at the road bike forums where the responders suggest that you could be riding with at least a domestic pro team with those speeds. Maybe you should check the settings on your bike computer. :astonished:

But please (seriously) do take up and enjoy unicycling. You’ll love it.:slight_smile:

You know I didn’t think of that, the draft, my journal does not break out group rides. So solo times would be maybe 15-25% less, dunno. I am heading out on Thursday solo, I will take notes.

Still, it sounds like you’re a monster, not average.

On my coker I can go faster than my son on his bicycle. But if I want to go really quickly, I’ll take the car.

I’d agree with you on this. Most days i clock between 30-35km/h on my coker. I don’t know about my MTB speed. But it must be pretty fast. :smiley:

how often do u cycle and what bike are you using? no way can you average those speeds