Coating with car spraypaint

Hey everybody. This is my first real post on these boards. I’m Tim from Newcastle Under Lyme England. Some of you British guys may have seen me at the BUC’s. First like to thank everyone for such a lively and expert community. Although I haven’t really posted… I have found a lot of help and interest here in the past. Nice work. Hope the gallery illness isn’t too severe.

Powder coating seems to be the preferred method of painting frames. I was wondering how feasible it is to paint using normal car spray cans from auto shops and then coating with clear lacquer. This is onto plain chrome.

Has anyone tried it?


There’s quite a few posts on this, a recent one with some nice photos is: -

If you can find someone who resprays bikes near you, it shouldn’t cost too much, it only costs £50 to enamel coat a whole bike.

Dave Yates do resprays of a fork only for £18+vat, about £25. You’d have to ask if their paint removal process would be able to remove the chrome finish, but if it could, you’d end up with a much better finish than spraying it yourself. Its supposedly much more durable than powder-coating.


Why would you remove the chrome? You might want to sand it or etch it, but you can paint over it and it’ll still be there to protect the steel.


I don’t know if you have to remove it, maybe etching it would work. What I do know is that if you powder-coat / paint directly over the chrome without doing anything it chips off really easily.


Re: Coating with car spraypaint

Quite some time back I had posted about powder coating being able to build
up thicker on exposed corners and providing better protection there.

Has anyone who has a powdercoated frame found this to be true?


I’ve had four frames powdercoated so far, and this has not been the case.