Hey wht are your guy’s tips on coasting, do you coast with one foot on the fram and the other off wherever, or both on the frame or wht? tips plz.

yaaa! I hit 4 meters of coasting after about 2 or 3 hours of just working hard on it.

So like 2 revs?

no, my dad said a meter is a rev, so i had 4 revs, so 4 meters i thought?
or did i do more than 4 meters!???!?

no, spence is right, it would be about 2 revs. 20(diameter of wheel) by pi is about 60. which is about five feet. a meter is about a yard and can be used interchangeably when estimating shorter distances. so it would be about 12 feet of coasting. so about 2.4 revs. give or take.

One rev is not a meter.
The diameter of trials uni wheel is about 20" so the circumference is about 5.2 feet. One meter is about 3.3 feet.

If you did 4 revs then you went about 20.8 feet so you went a little more than 6 meters.

You beat me but he said he went 4 revs.

Are you serious? How can you expect people to write up tips for you when you can’t even take the time to spell “what” right? Just a thought.

Having said that, coasting takes a long time to learn. I would suggest trying coasting with both feet on the frame and with one leg extended and see which one is more comfortable for you. There are tips you can give for coasting, but alot of just it is just practice, practice, practice. For either types of coasting, try to get your body weight forward without leaning forward too much. Pedal as smooth as possible one footed before you take your foot off. Experiment alot with it. It will take a while to get the right feel for it, and even longer to get it consistent, but its a great skill to have.

Maybe film a few attempts and post them in this thread if you are having any problems you can’t figure out. Good luck.

Yeah it bugs me too.

How different is each type of coasting, i just usually dont but the a in wht, it is shorter, check out any of my posts, i do it all the time srry.
Ive been doing leg exstended, where, i do one footed with my left foot, then take it off the pedal and coast for a bit.
Sweet, 6 meters that’s pretty kool, wh"a"t are some tips for both legs on the frame, it tht harder?

I find it easier to coast with both feet on the frame. When you have both on the frame you can control the wheel better by pressing down with your legs. It takes a while to get the trick and I’m not that great at it but I find it alot easier to do than to counterbalance an outstretched leg.

I think the trick to coasting with both feet on the frame is to really get the feeling of when to use your body to balance and when to use your legs to balance. For me I try really hard not to lean to far forwards or backwards. The best thing is to try and use your legs to balance and use your body to just stay overtop of the wheel.

Also a good way to measure your progress is to count mississippi’s as you go, its easy to just go fast then coast for half a second and get 10 meters, its not nearly as easy to go at a steady pace and stay above the wheel for five whole seconds.

But please learn to spell properly. You are literate, please try and act like that.

can you glide?
its MUCH easier to glide (foot on tire)

most people learn to glide then coast, but there are several exceptions…

I am still getting coasting down well, but I picked up gliding very easily. almost accidentally. I tried it on my KH, never having tried it b4 and did it something like 20m, then went back to pedals cuz i was going too slow.
thats about how far I can coast too, but I can’t catch the pedals when I go that far.

No kidding. Do you think that by not typing one letter in a word, you’re saving huge amounts of time to make it seem like you are typing faster? You probably save about .2 seconds by taking a letter or two of a word, but by saving that .2 seconds, it makes you seem either young, immature, or illiterate. Really not worth it.

Anyways, coast is kinda like jumping, you know the basics from the very beginning, then gotta work long and hard and practice the same thing again and again until you get good.